A freak accident…

Nothing could have prepared me for this day. Not even the 5 years I spent answering and dispatching 911 calls.


On this day, I would hit my own son with my car.


The morning started like any other. I was running late because I was hustling the boys to get ready, while trying to get myself ready for work. I had a meeting at 8:30am and the boys had to be to their all-day programming by 8am to get breakfast.


I had just thrown softball equipment in my trunk and noticed it was 10 minutes to 8am.


“Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!” I shouted.


I jumped in the driver’s seat and started my car. My 7 year old, Erik jumped in the front seat. I heard the back door behind me close so I put the car in reverse and started to back up.


I heard unusual movement from the rear of my car, but thought it to be the softball equipment in the trunk shifting. I kept backing up…until I heard the screams of my 9 year old son, Brandon.


Brandon had opened the back door behind me to get in the car, saw my laptop and briefcase on the seat and chose to run around the rear of the vehicle to get in the other side. I didn’t know he wasn’t in my car.


Upon hearing my son’s screams, I threw the car in drive and pulled up. Hysteria set in as I realized the situation.


I can never explain to you the feeling I had in that moment knowing I just ran over my son but not knowing what I was about to see.


The impact of the car had knocked Brandon to the ground. By the time I had put the car in drive to move forth, the car was over him up to his chest. We would later find his shoe under the front quarter of the vehicle. However, other than the initial impact, the vehicle itself – wheels nor undercarriage – would touch him.


By the time I got to the back of the vehicle, my son had already gotten up. He was bloody on various places from head to toe, but he was conscious and breathing.


I KNEW in this moment that God’s Hand was upon our family.


As we waited for the ambulace, holding one another and crying, both Brandon and I recognized the magnitude of this situation and cried out in praise to God.


Upon numerous x-rays, Brandon was found to be in mint condition, other than road rash on his forehead, face, back, shoulder, hand, knees and feet.


A hundred “what ifs” have gone through my mind today. No matter how hard I’ve tried not to, assessing this situation is not more than a minute from my mind. I want to make sure there is a purpose from this. I need to make sure something changes from this.


And while a few things keep coming back to me and some valuable lessons are to be learned, I also know this was a freak ACCIDENT. I could “what if” myself all day but it will not change what happened and only hold me in the bondage of guilt.


Tonight I am refusing to allow satan to take one moment away from the MIRACLE God provided today…I’m holding my children just a little bit tighter, knowing just how drastically different this situation could have turned out.


Thank you, Jesus. And thank all of you who prayed. God hears.


4 thoughts on “A freak accident…”

  1. I am so happy to hear everything is ok. U r an inspiration to myself and I’m sure to everyone who reads ur blog. I’m glad to read and feel the faith come off the pages as I read. God uses u everyday as u send out the verse of the day, and because of ur faithfulness today u were blessed by the hand of God. God bless you Amanda. Over and over.

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