The voices in my head…

Everyone has voices in their heads. Sometimes it’s the dull nags of the things left to do in the day, or the weighing of pros and cons with a major decision, or sometimes it’s that loud echo determining our self worth…

     “You’re damaged goods…”

     “You’re stupid…”

     “You’re worthless…”

Last night I participated in a “Whisper Walk” – that is, where two lines of people are formed, facing one another. Everyone has a slip of paper, each slip saying something unique. A person is sent to walk down the aisle of people, and each person in the aisle whispers what their paper says in that person’s ear as they pass.

The setting was relaxed. Candles lined the blacktop, soft music played in the background. The stars shined brighter than I had ever seen in the cool, dark sky.

As it came my turn to go down the aisle, I closed my eyes as instructed. One after one, whisper after whisper, I heard voices saying:

     “God has chosen you…”

     “You are loved…”

     “You are a gift from God…”

By the time I made it to the end of the aisle, my tears were freely falling. None of these whispers were a revelation to me, but many times those self-defeating, self-destroying voices drown out the rest.

In this demonstration, I felt valued, loved and worthy. I didn’t want to ever reach the end of this aisle.

Perhaps this had such an impact upon me because the voices in my head are not always the truth God has spoken for my life. Perhaps it’s time to retrain my own self talk.

As I stood there, gazing up at the millions of stars, I gave praise to God for His love, His truth, His creation. And just then, the biggest star I have ever seen came shooting across my view.

God was speaking to me.

“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born, I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5

I fell asleep last night so encouraged, at peace and loved.

I awoke this morning feeling worthless, insignificant and lonely. But today I chose not to buy into that. Today I chose to open His Word and read the dozens of verses I have highlighted telling me who I am in Christ.

     “God has chosen me…”

     “I am loved…”

     “I am a gift from God…”

Little by little, the voices in my head are being retrained to build me up instead of tear me down.

When I left that Whisper Walk last night, I knew I could do all things through Christ.

Today I lived it.

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