I can’t make this stuff up…

This was a post on my old facebook from Sept 24, 2008. I was in need of a good laugh tonight and found it here. In keeping with the holiday, I’d love for you to share a funny Thanksgiving story in the comments section of this blog if you’d care to.


Okay, so I almost lost my life today.

And it’s in those moments you realize who your true friends are.

Here’s what happened:

I was walking with (my friend) Danielle between the buildings at the church today (for those of you who know our layout, it’s between the Discipleship Center and the church), when all of a sudden a turkey came out from nowhere. Now the fact that the turkey was in the area wasn’t surprising because they live around there, but when it saw us it literally ran up to us. Well, up to Danilelle to be exact.

In response, Danielle got a bit freaked out and ran a circle around me – to lose the turkey – and then took of in a dead sprint down the parking lot to get away from it, leaving me behind. Alone. With the turkey.

You need to understand something about Danielle before you read on…she is a runner. Like, go-out-every-morning-before-the-sun-is-up-die-hard-runner. So there she goes. Down the parking lot. Leaving me behind. Alone. With the turkey.

But the turkey didn’t follow her.

Instead it ran right up next to me and stood there. Like RIGHT next to me. And I freaked out! I took a step and it took a step. I stepped, it stepped right next to me. Not even kidding. So I started to feel a panic, right, and all of a sudden IT panicked and started flapping its wings. It was hitting me in my back with its wings! So I did what any normal young woman would do and SCREAMED!

In my vision down the way, there stood Danielle with a pastor and they are almost wetting their pants laughing so hard at me.

Just in the nick of time, my friend Sue Hart came pulling into the parking lot and SLOWLY I worked my way to her van, turkey in tow and pushed it out of the way with the door to get in.

As we took off down the parking lot, sure enough that dumb turkey is chased us!

Thankfully we out-drove him and I was able to get into my office.

And in the midst of everyone laughing at me, we look and see this at my office window:

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

2 thoughts on “I can’t make this stuff up…”

  1. Ha! I’m sitting in my recliner reading this and Jake (my 9 yr old) is sitting in a chair beside me playing “Angry Birds”. REALLY! So, I start laughing out LOUD when I get to your, well you know “…the turkey’s hitting me in the back while I scream” part. I am STILL getting a great chuckle, thank you very much. As I did this he of course asked ‘what’s so funny’, so I shared the story with him. I think I (obviously) am much better at picturing YOU being assaulted by the turkey evidently. So, then I show him and exclaimed “woah” when I saw your pic and he asked: ” why’s that turkey doing that”? lmbo I simply said, “BIRDS OF A FEATHER”! lol lol lol

  2. NO WAYYYYY!!! LOL!!!! That is toooo funnyyyy! You are being stalked by a turkey!!! Thanx for the laugh Amanda, I really needed that!!! LOL!! Happy Thanksgiving girl, to you and your family and everyone else out there!!! = >

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