When the fog rolls in…

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about faith. The bible says in order for God to work in your life, all you need to have is the faith of a mustard seed.

With the faith of a mustard seed, God parted the Red Sea for the Israelites to cross over when their enemies were pursuing them, and then closed it on their enemies, drowning every last one of them.

That’s a pretty big miracle if you stop to think about it. Imagine your enemy chasing you down to kill you. You’re running and you get to the bridge to cross over the water, but the bridge is out. Construction workers everywhere and the only way to escape is to go back. To go where your enemy is and will surely kill you. You can’t do that. So with the faith of a mustard seed, you pray and God parts the water – literally makes a dry walkway for you to cross – and then swallows your enemy up as they try to cross.

Mustard seed faith.

What miracle do you need God to perform with your tiny faith?

We all were born with a faith in something. It’s an innate faith. We experience it all the time.

This morning as I was driving, something caught my eye, and on the record coldest day of the year, I parked my car and got out to take a picture:


As I was about to cross this bridge, something occurred to me: In order to cross, I had to have faith in this bridge. Faith that the bridge was going to withstand the weight of my vehicle crossing it. I had to have faith that although in the fog I was not able to see the other side of the bridge, that it was there and would take me safely across.

Why would I have this faith?

Perhaps the first time I crossed this bridge, the thought may have wandered into my mind that questioned if this bridge was stable. I mean, it is a grated road. You can see the water rushing below you if you stop to look. And the other end of the bridge opens. The part not showing in this picture. 360 degrees total, to let barges through. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had held these thoughts at some point. However, I have crossed this bridge many times since and it’s always been there. I’ve never fallen in the river, therefore with every crossing my faith in the bridge has grown.

Such is with God.

What if when I saw the fog, I turned around and took a different bridge? My faith would never increase. Faith is a funny thing. We spend so much of our life looking for it, but often times we stop it from growing by our own actions.

With the faith of a mustard seed, we can cross His bridge for the first time. Each time we cross it as we are called, our faith increases. Then one day, when the fog comes, we will cross unknowing to our finite minds if the other side of the bridge is there to support us through, but our faith that has grown from that mustard seed will push us to know God has been there before, and He is going to be there this time, helping us through the fog.

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