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Disconnect to Reconnect

Today is filled with immeasurable opportunities.

Some opportunities are new; some of them were wasted in days past, but still available.
Insanity is often described as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Do you ever live parts of your life this way? I know I do!

Today’s a new day.

I often reminisce on how different life was prior to the internet being in every household. Relationships happened in a more intimate setting with face time, spent talking to one another.  I was invited to events and heard the good and bad news because the person sharing thought to contact me and share it. My wasted time was watching television, something that is rarely turned on now.

Every tool can be used for good and bad. good-and-bad

I love social media. I love how it helps foster relationships with people I don’t see on a day to day basis; I love how it helps me line up new ministry speaking opportunities at retreats and other women’s events; I love how it helps me grow my career in real estate by reminding you to come to me when you’re ready to buy or sell your home. I love to see your kids and animals grow up and I even love the dinner recipes you post. I also love the immediate satisfaction i receive when I click “post” on my next what-I-think-is-funny-status, and then see you agree through your likes and laughs.


I don’t like how social media also divides so many relationships and the temptation I feel to partake in these divisions from time to time. I don’t like when my expectations of other people aren’t met and it’s shown to me through their posts on social media. I don’t like when someone that I think should be “liking” my posts, doesn’t.

This sounds so silly, but it’s so real. These are actual things that run through my mind in regards to social media, and if your honest, I would venture to guess they run through yours from time to time as well.

The next couple of years are going to be life changing for my family.

We have some personal, professional and spiritual goals and meeting these goals are going to require sound minds. For me, I will need to be extra diligent at being focused. These goals will require me to do things differently.

Today is a new day and it’s time to break the insanity.

It’s time to disconnect from social media, so I can reconnect to reality.

I would love to stay in touch with you. I’d invite you to walk this journey with me through my blog, where I’ll be sharing each step. You can put in your email to subscribe and/or interact with me through my blog. You may also email me at and keep in touch that way.

Today is a new day. What insanity are you living in and what will you do to break free?

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