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Finding contentment in difficult circumstances

One week ago at this exact time, I was enjoying a warm fire in our fireplace. A few hours later, it erupted into a fire in our home.

As I’m sure you can imagine, the last seven days have been incredibly exhausting. The more days away from our normal, comfortable lifestyle, the easier it is to lose focus of the saving gift we received that night.

I have a confession.

I’ve had a couple of meltdowns in the past few days. Sometimes crying is healing. This whole thing is a lot to balance. Tomorrow I will introduce work back into the equation and I have concern that my newer employees are about to see the areas I have cracks. I’ll do my best to stay focused on that cracks create space for light to enter.

We have had more people than we could ever imagine offer to help us in some way. I am humbled and awed at the love and support we have felt. This week, one person who delivered us food got teary as she shared how much I have impacted her in her journey. If circumstances were different, I may have never heard that.

What if we told people how much we appreciated them while we still had an opportunity?

If we take a moment to slow down, we can see people around us who are impacting our lives for the better, yet they may never even know. We get so busy in our tasks and to-do lists, we never tell them. I wonder how much it would impact them to know how much they’ve impacted us. I know my friend impacted me that evening.

So I challenge you:

Tell someone today how much their presence in your journey has meant to you, and why. Then, find someone to tell tomorrow, and then again the next day. It can be someone close to you, or the Whitey’s girl who introduced you to the amazing Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup with Banana Shake. After reading the thank you card I mailed to her, she came out from behind the counter and give me a big hug when I saw her again. Take the challenge and see what kind of reaction you get.

We all have our own personal fires.

When we look beyond ourselves and try to make someone else happy, it is often then we can find contentment in our journey.

Thank you for walking this journey with me, and for being such an encouragement.

You make a difference in my life.

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