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A letter to my 18-year old daughter

To my dearest daughter Adrianna, on her 18th birthday,

There are so many things on my heart I want to tell you. Have I already told you these things? Do you know them? Oh, how I don’t want you to ever forget. Today, tomorrow, and in your hardest and toughest times.

You are now an adult. You are free to live life the way you want; free to make your own decisions; free to face consequences. Your choices matter. They impact you differently starting today. Ready or not, being 18 demands responsibility.

I believe you’re ready. You have a fighter spirit. From birth you’ve had to fight; to live; to be educated; to embrace your uniqueness. The challenges you’ve overcome will help you succeed as you walk out of our home and into the next stage of your life.

Never forget who you are.

Having your identity founded in Jesus protects you from someone stealing it from you. Who you are is not dependent upon your accomplishments, your beauty, or the basketball skills you’ve developed. Your identity is not determined by what college accepts you or by what boy likes you or who praises you on social media.

Your identity is far more precious than that. You are royalty. A princess. Not the helpless tiara-toting, dress-wearing kind of princess. No, you would never have that. You are strong and determined, yet soft-hearted and humble.

This world is going to try to influence who you are. Be on guard. Reject its criticism. Embrace both your strengths and your weaknesses. God has knitted you together for a purpose, even the parts of you that you don’t like. Don’t be ashamed that you struggle in math. If God wanted you to be a mathematician, He would have gifted you with that! You are wired the way you are for a purpose far greater than you. If your wiring were different, you wouldn’t be properly equipped for your purpose.

Remember this when you face rejection. You will face it. It’s an unfortunate fact of life, but easy to overcome when you remember your identity. Clearly the person rejecting you has no clue how amazing you are, and you wouldn’t want to be in any kind of relationship with someone that dumb. Move on and praise God for saving you.

Forgive. Hurting people hurt people. 

Don’t fall in love with the first boy who sweet talks you. Is he in a growing relationship with Jesus? Pay attention to his walk. Does he consistently demonstrate what he talks and over time? If he tells you that you’re hot or sexy, ditch him. I don’t mean that you should let him down easy. I mean, move like your house is on fire. Get outta there. He is fire and you will get burned. A real man will tell you how beautiful you are, and he won’t only only mean your outward appearance.

There are lots of frogs out there. Don’t waste your time kissing them. Your prince won’t show up in a kiss. You’ll know he’s your prince long before the kiss. Save your kiss for your prince. What a special gift.

Whatever you do, stay close to God. Make your relationship with Him the most important relationship in your life. Everything has a way of working out when you follow Jesus.

And never, ever, ever forget how loved you are. You may be an adult, but you will always be my little girl, and I will always be proud to be your mom.


❤ ❤ ❤ Mom ❤ ❤ ❤


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