our crazy family


This picture describes my life to a T. With 5 kids, each of them in their own stage, life can get pretty crazy, pretty fast.

In the wedding dress, you will see me kissing my favorite man in his handsome tux. Next to me is my gorgeous daughter Adrianna, in front of her is my theatrical son Brandon, next to him is my suave son Erik; next to him is Ben’s beautiful daughter Shelby and behind her, Ben’s undecided son Mitchell.

Over the past several years, I have been building a ministry through speaking engagements, as well as leading women at Celebrate Recovery. I am also a full-time Realtor®, working hard to help my clients find a comfortable earthly home. When not engaged in those activities, I love to read a good book, travel, mission, drink coffee and go for strolls through our deer friendly neighborhood with my family. Also, I love to laugh, sarcasm is my second language and I really struggle holding a conversation with anyone who isn’t real.

Now that you know more about me, click the “About…You” tab and tell me about yourself!


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