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Love in the midst of anger

4 months ago today my dad died. I knew before he died that I'd never see him alive again. 2 years ago I had a purchased airline ticket for a conference in his state. The conference had been cancelled and he asked me not to come. Out of respect, I didn't. It wasn't that he didn't… Continue reading Love in the midst of anger


Living in Fear

Yesterday as I was walking out of work, I pulled up Facebook to scroll through the top statuses. My daughter's posts are usually are on top, if she's posted something. I must look at her page often. She had posted something that said, "When faith replaces fear, then success will replace failure." It instantly convicted me. So much… Continue reading Living in Fear


How are you really doing?

A friend private messaged me a couple of weeks ago and at the end of her message she said, "I'd love to hear how you are really doing!"How many times do we ask people "how are you?" and just carry on without listening for a response? I think overall we really don't want to take… Continue reading How are you really doing?


When the fog rolls in…

Lately I've been thinking a lot about faith. The bible says in order for God to work in your life, all you need to have is the faith of a mustard seed.With the faith of a mustard seed, God parted the Red Sea for the Israelites to cross over when their enemies were pursuing them,… Continue reading When the fog rolls in…



Since I came home from my mission's trip, I have spent so much time processing. I've been trying to stay away from "right" and "wrong" thinking, as our countries are so dramatically different. I have tried to look at the differences in understanding the two cultures for where they are.Being a welfare kid, I thought… Continue reading About…reflection



(Photo: Some of the UBS college students and Galilee orphanage kids with our team and staff)One of my fears in coming home is that you will look at my pictures and videos of where I've been and see random people, but you will miss the special place they each hold in my heart and in… Continue reading About…Myanmar